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Olivia Goes West - Chapter 8
That evening Bridget and Tony prepared a nice meal of potato salad, with a generous helping of cheese from the rally to go with it.
"Y'know, I never thought I'd say it, but I think Waul's really turned over a new leaf," Bridget said as they were discussing the rally, "An' that Ratigan fellow's so charmin'."
Olivia frowned, slowly nibbling on some cheese. She couldn't believe Ratigan and Waul were able to fool everyone, even after Waul had done the same thing before.
"I wouldn't believe it for a second if it weren't for da fact dat Wylie's supporting them," Tony replied, "Makin' Waul da new Sheriff like dat? Pretty bold, ya gotta have confidence for something like dat."
"Olivia, I saw you there with Tiger and Filly," Bridget said, turning to their new foster child, "What did you think? Isn't it grand someone finally came into town to do something about the way we're livin' here?"
Olivia was silent for a while. They wouldn't believe her if she told them the truth. Besides, tomorrow, she
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Olivia Goes West - Chapter 9
"So they just…kidnapped you in the middle of the night, right out of your rooms?" Tiger asked in astonishment, after Fievel and Olivia told them what had happened later that morning, outside of Tony and Bridget's house when he and Fievel came to pick her up.
Fievel nodded, "It was one of the scariest things I ever had happen to me. And they said we have to keep quiet, or else they'll find some way to get rid of us."
"Hey buddy, not while I'm around, I may be chicken but I'm no coward." Tiger said.
Olivia couldn't help but giggle a little.
"I'm glad yer on our side Tiger. Ratigan ain't the only one who can have a cat fer backup."
"So uh, want me to take you to your usual spot?" Tiger asked.
"Not yet," Olivia answered, speaking lowly, "We're gonna check out the mine today, remembah?"
"Yeah, I even brought a canteen for the trip." Fievel said.
"Oh right, I forgot!" Tiger said, "But um, are you sure that's such a good idea? I mean if we're caught..."
"I have to know if me daddy is the
:iconsurenity:Surenity 19 12
Olivia Goes West - Chapter 10
Tiger panted heavily and collapsed in front of Fievel's house, wheezing. Olivia had her arms around Fievel's waist to tightly that he was having trouble breathing.
"O-okay…we're back in town," Fievel said.
"Okay, th-that does it guys," Tiger panted, "That definitely…does it. We're in over our heads…we need some kinda plan before we try and take them on, marching right into their hideout…it was a dumb idea."
Olivia rested her forehead on Fievel's shoulder, shutting her eyes.
"I'm sorry you two," she said sadly, "I'm causin' ye all kindsa trouble. An' now Ratigan and Waul are gonna be comin' fer all of us…"
"Helping is what friends do Olivia," Fievel said, "Maybe we should have been smarter, but we had to do something about your papa, and Wylie."
Olivia just wanted to cry, but she held it back. She hated crying in front of Fievel.
"You guys just stay outta trouble," Tiger said, "I don't know if they'd ever buy it, but if something happens and they catch you, just
:iconsurenity:Surenity 24 12
Olivia Goes West - Chapter 11
The next morning, there was a knock on the door at the Mousekewitz house. When Tanya went to open it, Bridget and Olivia were at the door.
"Hi there Tanya," Bridget said, "Olivia wanted to come over, but she insisted I walk her over."
"Oh, Fievel's in his room, we just finished breakfast."
Olivia nodded, "Thanks Tanya."
As she rushed to Fievel's room and knocked on the door, Bridget and Tanya looked on.
"Poor lass is actin' stranger an' stranger every day, she is," Bridget said, "Can't go no where on her own."
"Yesterday they came back early and never left the house," Tanya said, "It was kinda weird for them."
Fievel opened the door, "Oh, hi Olivia. Come in."
He sat on the bed, and Olivia shyly followed after him.
"Well I'm here. What do ye think we should do today?" she asked.
"I dunno. Tiger didn't come over this morning like he usually does." Fievel said.
"I bet he's scared after yesterday," Olivia sighed, "I really wanted to go rafting today, we didn't get to go yesterday."
"The ba
:iconsurenity:Surenity 19 12
Olivia Goes West - Chapter 12
Past the waterfall the water began to calm again. It was then that Fievel's face broke the murky green surface of the river. He coughed and spat, but he was swimming, and alive.
As he looked around he could see a trail of bubbles along the surface. He dove down blindly, before he finally felt Olivia's hand. He grabbed on tight and swam for shore, as best as he could with the current still pushing them along. He dragged Olivia out of the water.
"Olivia, you okay?" he asked desperately.
Olivia moaned and coughed up water, choking and sputtering. Fievel hugged her tight, and she weakly put her arms around him in return.
"W-we made it…" she said. Her body ached and her wounds stung, but otherwise, nothing was broken.
"I'm so sorry I let this happen Olivia…guess I'm not much of a hero," Fievel said sadly.
"I'm not a good swimmer Fievel, ye mighta saved me life just now…" Olivia panted, coughing the last of the water from her throat.
Fievel smiled a little, "If you h
:iconsurenity:Surenity 23 21
Olivia Goes West - Chapter 13
"Somewhere out there, out where dreams, come true…"
Tanya sighed and stared up at the moon, sitting outside of the saloon after another night at work. She'd had a hard time putting on an enthusiastic performance on the stage, with the news of her brother's apparent death earlier in the day. But after the performance, Ratigan had taken her aside backstage. Holding her hands, he told her how sorry he was that he wasn't able to save her brother.
"It's okay," she had said, "You did everything you could. I don't blame you at all."
At being told that, Ratigan had held her closely, and cried on her shoulder. He was such a charming man…and with a heart too. He even offered her a raise in salary, to compensate for her family's loss, which she gladly accepted. Waul too reiterated how sad he was, how he bore no ill will toward Fievel, even that he'd gotten what he deserved from Fievel before. They both seemed genuine in their sorrow.
The moon had caught her eye as she exited the
:iconsurenity:Surenity 19 17
Olivia Goes West - Chapter 14
As soon as dawn broke over the desert, sun beams hit Olivia's eyelids fluttered open. The memory of the past day came flooding back to her, her body aching from the rugged trip down the rapids. She yawned and stretched, groaning a bit from the dull pain, before finding that she'd been resting against Fievel's chest. She blushed a little and sat up, but began to nudge him.
"Fievel, wake up. It's mornin." she said softly.
Fievel turned over in his sleep and curled up. Olivia giggled and tugged at his tail.
"Wake up, sleepyhead, we got to try to get back to the mine."
Fievel awoke to the startling feeling of having one's tail pulled, and turned to see Olivia sitting beside him.
"Good morning," he said shyly, "So far so good, we haven't been eaten by anything."
"Not as far as I can tell."
He  stretched and sat up, "We can start right now before it gets too hot, but we may want to rest during the hottest part of the day."
"Let's try an' make it past the waterfall before noon," Oli
:iconsurenity:Surenity 21 7
Olivia Goes West - Chapter 15
"Dear friends and compatriots, we are here to mourn the losses of one Fievel Mousekewitz and his little friend Olivia Flaversham, who were taken from us far too early."
There were sobs and noses being blown in the small crowd at the Green River Cemetery just outside town, where Ratigan stood between two freshly carved tombstones delivering a eulogy to the very children he'd tried to kill. With no bodies recovered and thus no need for caskets, the tombstones merely served as memorial markers. Fievel's tombstone was even customized to be written in both English and Hebrew, and sported a Star of David at the top. There being no Rabbi in town it was yet another compensation gift courtesy of Waul, who paid the undertaker extra for it. Having made quite a bit of money at the saloon since retaking it, Waul and Ratigan spared no expense in keeping up their ruse.
"It is with a heavy heart that we lay the souls of these dearly departed children to rest," Ratigan continued, "Wherever they may be,
:iconsurenity:Surenity 20 13
Olivia Goes West - Chapter 17
Sometime after dawn broke, Olivia awoke to find that she and Fievel were alone at their campsite, aside from a prairie dog left behind for them, and some food for the last neck of the journey. Running Coyote must have really wanted to get back to his wife, she thought with a smile. She sighed dreamily and turned to look at Fievel. This time they'd been able to put a blanket on the ground and another on top of them, using a supply pack as a pillow. It was better than their first night in the desert. She nudged his shoulder a bit.
"Come on, Filly," she giggled, using his nickname with endearment, "Ye sleepyhead, why's it always that I got to wake ye up?"
Fievel groaned and stretched, turning to look at her with half-lidded eyes.
"Did Running Coyote leave already?"
"Yes, but he left some things fer us to take with." she answered, sitting up and getting out from under the covers, straightening her dress.
"Guess he can't wait to be a papa," Fievel remarked, rubbing his eyes, "Hm, lets make
:iconsurenity:Surenity 17 17
Olivia Goes West - Chapter 16
Olivia and Fievel had been cuddling together in their sleep under a warm blanket in one of the teepees when Running Coyote opened the flap, causing sunlight to warm their faces as they opened their eyes.
"Alright children, let us eat and go soon, before the sun becomes too hot."
Upon realizing how closely they'd been cuddling in their sleep, both reacted with bashful embarrassment, for the second morning in a row.
"You're a nice pillow, Fievel," Olivia said with a giggle, before getting up.
"Maybe you should be the pillow next time," Fievel said, rubbing his back.
As they emerged, only some of the tribe members were awake. Remains from dinner were being cooked up for breakfast at the camp fire. They spotted Running Coyote sitting beside a pregnant woman, as she roasted the meat on a stick over the fire.
"There they are now," said Running Coyote to her.
"Is she your wife?" Olivia asked with a smile.
"I suppose you could call her that, though we have different customs. Her name is Shinin
:iconsurenity:Surenity 21 18
Olivia Goes West - Chapter 18
"Is he asleep?"
"I think so, children."
Olivia sighed in relief, peering down from the canary cage at the French cat from Waul's gang, who was sitting with his chair leaning against the wall, fast asleep. It was late in the night now. Fievel and Olivia had been waiting for this chance.
"Daddy, I'm so sorry we couldn't save ya," Olivia said sadly, hanging onto the bars and looking down at the desk where his workshop had been arranged, "An' now that we're here ya hafta work even harder…"
A tear rolled down her cheek.
"Don't ye worry my dear Olivia," Hiram answered, "Ahm just glad yer okay, it's nice to see you again. I've been so worried. Wylie told me you'd been stayin' with the Mousekewitz family after I disappeared, but for the past few days I didn't hear a thing because they've been keeping Wylie in here to be a slave."
"It was brave what you two kids did," Wylie spoke up, sitting and resting against a rock from the rubble, "It almost worked too, if it hadn't been for Waul and R
:iconsurenity:Surenity 25 6
Olivia Goes West - Chapter 19
The clinking of glasses and the smell of cigarette smoke hung in the air as the saloon piano played softly, Tanya singing and dancing in a tight, form-fitting black leotard, ruffles of blue feathers at her shoulders and thighs and a big feather in her hair, her legs bare aside from a single garter around her left thigh.
"Tangerine, she is all they claim,
With her eyes of night and lips as bright as flame.
Oh she's got the guys on the run,
But her heart belongs to just one,
Her heart belongs to Tangerine…"

She winked at Ratigan who sat near the stage with Fidget and Chula, smoking a long cigarette through a filter and sipping wine. The others were playing poker; the three orphan boys from New York were with them. Ratigan chuckled gently, mesmerized by Tanya's voice and beauty. Waul, not being able to fit into the mouse bar, was handling things outside the walls with the cats and dogs. But little did Ratigan realize he was being glared a hole through from two young men at the
:iconsurenity:Surenity 18 19
Olivia Goes West - Chapter 20
The next morning, Tanya was silent at breakfast. Things had been rather gloomy in the Mouskewitz household since Fievel's disappearance, but even then, her parents noticed something wrong about Tanya. She'd tried to cover it with some make-up, but she had bags under her eyes, and they were bloodshot. She hadn't had any sleep the night before. She'd spent most of the night crying, or staring out the window.
"You didn't stay out all night partying vith zat Ratigan fellow did you?" Mama asked sternly.
Ratigan. What in the world had she seen in him, she wondered. Sure he was handsome and charming, and he acted so kind to her…but it was all a big lie. Just like Waul was.
"No Mama, I promise…I went straight home after work," she answered, "I just…didn't sleep well last night."
"Maybe you should call in sick tonight so you can rest," Papa said.
That didn't sound like such a bad idea. Thinking about what she'd seen Waul do almost made her sick on cue anyway.
"I might," she sighe
:iconsurenity:Surenity 16 10
Olivia Goes West - Chapter 21
The trip to America had been long and restless for Basil. The first ship he had found bound for America was an uncomfortable cargo ship. He didn't care, he climbed a rope and snuck aboard, spending the entire trip across the Atlantic among crates and barrels. Some of the rats aboard the ship were pleasant to talk to, but Basil could really only think about one thing. Ratigan was alive, in Green River, was terrorizing the Flavershams, and was within the same city limits as Nellie Brie.
Basil had taken Nellie's letter with him. He wished he could have run some tests on it before he so hastily bolted out the door. It was type-written, meaning anyone could have written it. The parchment and the ink matched the qualities of Nellie's other letters from all he could tell without his chemical set, but it still didn't rule out every negative possibility surrounding it. Could Nellie have already been captured? Was she forced to write the P.S. on the other side? Was he walking straight into a tra
:iconsurenity:Surenity 26 10
Olivia Goes West - Chapter 22
The weeks had felt like an eternity to Olivia. She sat looking over the edge of the cage, with Fievel by her side, as two of the orphan mice, Chula and One-Eye watched over everyone imprisoned at the mine. It was late at night now, One-Eye had dozed off but the others were playing cards near Hiram's workbench. Fievel and Olivia exchanged glances.
"A-are you sure this is gonna be a good idea?" Fievel whispered worriedly.
"Yer sick o' bein' in this cage aren't ye?" she whispered back, "We got to at least try something."
The two of them had had a lot of time to plan this scenario out, with input from Hiram and Wylie. In the last two weeks the tunnel had grown deeper, and more gold was being extracted. The area they were in was now lined with barrels of gun powder and sticks of dynamite. Waul and Ratigan were going to blast through the rest of the way just before Ratigan's election, so the sudden abundance of gold would guarantee his election. But Olivia was determined not to let Ratigan e
:iconsurenity:Surenity 23 13
Olivia Goes West - Chapter 23
Nellie and Basil sat beside one another on the sofa having some morning tea, Basil wearing his robe while Nellie was still in her night gown, her hair undone and down to her shoulders. It was still dark outside, they were taking some time to relax before going to fetch Tiger in the next room so they could go on their expedition. The two of them were looking over their old letters, reminiscing on the years past, going into more detail on their reportings to one another.
"And such a simple device was enough to make all of New York think there was a 'night monster' after them?" Basil asked with amusement.
"Hey, they fell for Warren, and Waul later on," Nellie said, sipping the warm tea and leaning against Basil with her legs curled back as he read, "But need I remind you plenty of Londoners were fooled by Ratigan's robot queen at first. We aren't the only gullible ones."
"Yes, but that was actually an impressive piece of craftsmanship, this 'night monster' was little more than a buzz saw
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Fievel Mousekewitz & Olivia Flaversham…
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Hello and welcome to the 'Fievel x Olivia Fans' group! This group is dedicated to those who support Fievel Mousekewitz, from Don Bluth's 'An American Tail' and Olivia Flaversham from Walt Disney's 'The Great Mouse Detective' as a couple! :D


Now before you start exploring through the group let us be clear on a few rules and guidelines.

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Enjoy!! :)






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